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Don't make me look like this

Don’t make me look like this

Why did I start PacketBomb? That picture was me after over an hour of trying to explain root cause analysis of a network problem to someone that didn’t understand the basics of protocol and traffic analysis. That other person is an IT professional. So what did I do? I took a selfie to remember that moment forever. Don’t be like the person on the other end of the phone.

Another time I saw someone that I consider a solid troubleshooter open a Wireshark capture, scroll, scroll, scroll, shrug, and close Wireshark. When I asked, they said, “People that say they understand this stuff are blowing smoke.”

You guys.

We’re technology professionals that rely on the network doing what it’s supposed to be doing. But sometimes it seems like it’s not. It might be the network. It might be a server or client. It might be the application. Packet analysis can sort that out pretty quickly. We live and die by what’s on the wire.

PacketBomb is all about helping you develop the packet analysis tool in your troubleshooting tool bag. Tools like Wireshark are only as good as the engineer using them. Let me show you a few things and in the process you can level up your tools and career.