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The Network vs the Application: Who's to Blame?

By Kary | tutorial

Feb 15

When application performance is slow, how do you know if it’s the network or the application? PacketBob* is gonna show you how to figure it out.

This was a mail migration operation that was taking a long time. A glance over the capture and you might think the network is introducing some delays. If you understand how the protocol works, you can rule that out.

But what if you don’t know how the protocol works?

Here’s where you use some intuition and common sense. Also, Google. Google the shit out of it. I make some guesses based on experience in this video. Am I right? Could be! I love a good mystery.

* not a typo. Get it? Happy little packets :)

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I like being the hero. Being able to drop a bucket of root cause analysis on a burning network problem has made me a hero (to some people) and it feels real good, y’all. Get good at packet analysis and be the hero too. I also like french fries.

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ed September 23, 2018

I laughed my ass off at this video.

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