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First Steps: What to Do When You Don't Have Much to Go On

By Kary | tutorial

Mar 10

Every case is different and your first steps depend on what the issue is. Let’s say someone complains of a performance issue and gives you a packet capture. That’s all you know. Where do you start? I’d probably try to get more information than spend time looking for something that I don’t know what I’m looking for. But how are you going to get the reputation of a miracle worker if you don’t pull one out of the hat every now and then?

Here’s how I’d get started looking at a performance problem that I don’t know anything about.

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I like being the hero. Being able to drop a bucket of root cause analysis on a burning network problem has made me a hero (to some people) and it feels real good, y’all. Get good at packet analysis and be the hero too. I also like french fries.

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Mclovin May 23, 2017

You would do nothing?

There’s nothing here..

    DJohnson December 8, 2021

    That’s not what he stated. Also, it doesn’t seem like you heard what the scenario is. Some people came to him with saying, “We’ve got performance problems”, END OF EMAIL. He said, he would provide feedback on the specific issues he’s found where there’s several connections that have pauses before requests, delayed ACK packets, duplicate packets, 4 slow responses.

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