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I like being the hero. Being able to drop a bucket of root cause analysis on a burning network problem has made me a hero (to some people) and it feels real good, y’all. Get good at packet analysis and be the hero too. I also like french fries.

Nov 29

Troubleshooting Slow FTP Uploads

By Kary | case study

Here’s a case study from email subscriber Peter in troubleshooting slow FTP uploads. Scenario: The video team uploads video files via FTP to The Cloud and after a recent firewall replacement, the performance has dropped off by a large amount Now, Peter had already figured out the issue so kudos to him. He even said […]

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Aug 16

Troubleshooting a One-Way Performance Issue

By Kary | case study

Here’s a fun case study on troubleshooting a one-way performance issue. Of course, the root cause for every one-way performance issue won’t be the same as this one, but it’s a bit of experience to add to your bag. It’s very important when analyzing packets to take on the perspective of the host from which you […]

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May 10

How to Do TCP Sequence Number Analysis

By Kary | tutorial

But more importantly, WHY you should do TCP sequence number analysis. Well, you know all those black and red packets in Wireshark? Sure, you’ve seen them, right? Scary, huh? What if someone says there’s a problem and you see a bunch of those packets in Wireshark. Is that the problem? This video will show an example of […]

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Apr 14

Solving Tomcat Throughput Issues on Windows

By Kary | case study

Here’s another real world example of troubleshooting performance problems. An email subscriber, Simon, contacted me about poor Tomcat throughput on Windows 2008R2 – whenever Tomcat served a large file, download speed sucked. To Simon’s credit, he eliminated “the network” by verifying that Apache and IIS did not have the same issue. Here’s where a mediocre network […]

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